Hey guys, I'm kind of stuck on what to learn next. I've been playing about one year.

- I'm fine with open chords
- I'm comfortable with barre chords.
- I know all the major scales.

I know a few intro's to songs, Sweet home Alabama, Sweet child o mine, and highway to hell.

I feel like I'm not progressing much anymore. If yall could point me in a direction that would be great.

I like the styles of Steve Vai, Andy Timmons and Joe satriani.

Thanks so much.
Learn the minor and petatonic scales as well, so you can basicly solo in any key. Also try learning some musical theory and write some of your own songs. They don't have to be good at first(my early ones were terrible) but eventually u'll improve. Another great road to travel down is learn another genre, like jazz or the blues. Not only will it give you more playing options and make you a better overall musician, you can use some of the things you learned in rock. Joe actually studies jazz intently and you can hear a lot of that influnce in his music today.
Find a teacher, it is something you will not regret. A good teacher will help you progress to the next level time and time again