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I know there are quite a few martial artists on UG, so I figured I'd ask this here.

I already practice aikido, and am interested in starting taekwondo. Most of the students at the school where I work take TKD classes (WTF Moo Duk Kwan) from an instructor we have on staff. It looks like a lot of fun and a good work out, and I think it would be a cool thing to be able to work on with my students.

The question is, will working on two martial arts at the same time, especially two so different from each other, just be confusing and counter-productive? Any other multiple martial artists here who can act as the voice of experience?
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I just started BJJ on Thursday and the only thing that was a problem was me wanting to instinctively throw a roundhouse kick but I do believe that it is possible to learn more than two.You can probably even mix both of them and use them to your advantage.
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Different martial arts have similar moves that are performed differently. Like for example, a roundhouse kick in muay thai is much different than one in say, Karate or Taekwon Do. You might have habits developed from aikido that will carry over to taekwon do. Its hard to say if it would confuse you or not, because you might just end up having a better feel for the moves and have an easier time doing it.
I know when I started Muay Thai, I already had a few years of experience in Taekwon Do under my belt, and the roundhouse kick was very easy for me to learn, but at the same time, the habit of kicking with my foot stayed and it took a while to start using my shin instead.
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I expect there will be a little crossover between aikido and the hosinsul (taekwondo self-defense techniques), but WTF taekwondo focuses a lot more on sport fighting, breaking, and forms.

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