I don't have a chorus yet for this, but there will be; I just started it. I can safely say I've never written anything like this before. Let me know if I should continue.

Edit: Even if you don't want to give a full crit, just tell me if you like it or not; I have absolutely no idea what to think of this.
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Update in the OP; because nobody said anything, I went ahead and finished writing it, although I haven't written an outro yet. As said in the edit, even if you don't want to do a full crit, PLEASE at least let me know if you like it or not; I have absolutely no idea what to think of this.
Ah, thanks for critting the whole Ep, guess I owe you one.

Alright, critting as I listen:

I like the chords, they somehow remind me of Lifehouse. Leadguitar sounds good. Bass adds a lot of texture, I like that. The drums are meh, they could be better, nothing wrong with it, just a bit boring.

Preverse: I like the transitition and the whole idea behind it. Good work.

Verse: Sounds alright, nothing wrong in here. The drums sound strange at some part, but I guess this is Gp5. (Man, i can't wait for Gp6! )

Interlude: Again, I like the leadguitar. The Bassfill at the end is pretty sick.

Verse&Interlude: Same as above. It's time for a change, it's getting a bit boring.

Chorus: Ah, the chorus was kinda disappointing. It's just like you're waiting for a big chorus, and the chorus just... isn't, you know? I guess it's because of the lead guitar. I would try to break the 8th habbit and try something new with a heavy lead, that would give the whole thing more energy. Now it feels as if the interlude has a lot more dynamic then the chorus. If you get what i try to express here.

Postchorus: It's solid. I like the bass.

Verse: still the same, with the exception of the lead guitar, and this was exactly what I was expecting in the chorus.

Bridge: Ah, this is my favourite part until now. Solid guitar work and a good bassline, finally something different, well done.

Last Chorus: Yeah, well, this just does not fit as an outro, it's just not big enough, not even with the pad. You definitely need something additional here.

Well, I hope this helps
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