How is all Guys? I hope will be Okay.
Well, Maybe Now my band is in process of recording, i will recording our ep called Between Smiles and lies.

About The Band: Its a melodic metalcore band, we have 2 years playing and now its our time to grow up ( Hahaa lol .. ) Im the Bassit, and I Make the Drums Too.. In live we have a drummer, but he is still thinking about get in the band with seriously..

About the EP: Its a simple 5 songs EP + 1 extra track . In this case, we put an acoustic stuff .. It has metalcore ways like " The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying " and sometimes we like to put some melodies in our songs like " Killswitch engage " ..

PS: I will upload just 4 songs, cus the 3rd Song is still in process.. and the Acoustic Extra Track isnt writing yet.

So guys c4c it please. Peace
1 - The Concept Of Falling.gp5
2 - The Opossition Wants To Kill Me.gp5
4 - Not A Numer.gp5
5 - Smiles Lies Within.gp5
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The concept of falling: Didn't really like it. Though the melodies and all were nice, it just seemed to drag on a bit.

The opossition wants to kill me: very standard metalcore riffage, nothing I haven't already heard a million times on this forum. The riff starting at 36 was especially boring, it just wasn't interesting enough to be that long... I didn't like this song at all, waaaay too generic.

Not a Numer: The riff at 13 was pretty good, as far as metalcore goes... This song seems to be a lot better than the last one. The melody ideas were better and the little solo was cool as well. The outro didn't sound right at all though, which made it pretty bad...

Smiles lies Within: The riff at 6 is a nice trashy riff, I loved it! Rif-wise and melody-wise this is the best song of the bunch! The clean part was cool as well, especially the bass melody. Again the outro is kind of weird, this song deserves a better one.

Overall: 6,5/10, because there's nothing much original in these songs...

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I agree with Saddam for the most part (I never thought I would say that).

The Concept of Falling: Pleasant I suppose, but overall very boring. Not much to say, it's a very generic acoustic piece that indeed drags on for much too long. Either introduce some dynamics or shorten the piece. Listening to this EP, I'd likely skip this song.

The Opposition Wants to Kill Me: I will sum up my thoughts about this song in two words: It works. It's not particularly bad, but it's been done time and time again. I don't want to offend you, but in my opinion it isn't even a good kind of generic. You should improve harmonies (a lot) and try to stray away from basic, generic metalcore riffing.

Not a Number: It's 'aight. I didn't mind the verse actually. But again it's so generic and the harmonies are lame in my opinion. I really don't like the 5th sound in your songs. The solo was.. just weird? I didn't find it good. I didn't like your breakdown at all unfortunately, it did nothing that it should for me. Chorus is nice to hear, but is super generic. Outro was bad, not much else to say.

Smile Lies Within: I disliked the intro, but it lead well into the thrash part which was really good. 18 wasn't bad, good transition into a shitty part. Like the harmonies are bothering me quite a bit now, they just don't fit in my opinion. The part at 38 was much better then the rest. 46 was a definite high point. Clean was bland, bass was nice during it thought. The lighter part after that was a really pleasant change in mood. The stop start part was really sick! This one is def the best.

Overall 6/10, you saved it a bit with the last one, but overall it was too generic, not very dynamic and just.. boring?

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The Concept of Falling - I think that the bass was way too overpowering in this song, and some of the guitar work clashed at some points throughout the piece. It didn't really seem like an epic feel like i knew you were going for, It seemed more like it just dragged on. It was an OK song, nothing out of the ordinary.

The Opossition Wants To Kill Me - Intro sounds like Avenged Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions". I don't know, this song really didn't do it for me, Although i did like the riff at Bar 24.

Not a Numer - This song is better than your other ones. It feels like you spend a lot of time making the guitar parts sound good with each other. Nice catchy solo in there and nice breakdown section after it. Bass lines are powerful, but i feel like the drums could use some shining too. Overall this was alright, not definitely good.

Smiles Lie Within - I like intro, but i think SOME of the notes should be harmonized instead of all of them. You probably need to change the riff at bar 7 and 11 because they sound EXACTLY like Killswitch Engage - Breathe life. The clean section was EPIC. I liked it a lot and it fit exactly to the song. Why couldn't your other songs be like this one?

Overall, your demo is not bad, but it's not good either. I'd say about 4.5-5/10
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Thanks to All for our c4c, and everbody is alright the last song is the best one. Despite it, look at this changes in track 2 the opposition wants to kill me ( and sorry about the stops in the outro of smiles lies within it was a wrong when i was making the last changes xD.. Look at that
5 - Smiles Lies Within.gp5
2 - The Opossition Wants To Kill Me.gp5
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I'm just gonna crit the two new versions of the songs you got just coz I'm a bit busy.

Crit as I listen
Smiles Lies Within:
Intro's pretty cool, but it seems like it should be longer. The next riff comes in too early
This riff isn't bad, just isn't the most original.
I like these chords with the palm muted lead, sounds really nice and it links to the intro well, I dunno if I like some of the notes in it though.
I'm guessing the riff that I said wasn't very original is the verse right? But yeah, it's just not very interesting
The transition into the intro riff is pretty cool and the new section is really cool, I like the chords. The clean section comes in very nicely. Bass line is pretty sick.
The distortion comes in pretty nicely, I like the chord progression.

The song's pretty good overall. I'm not too sure about some of the sections though, like the 'verse' riff, that could be improved. But I still like it

The Opposition Wants To Kill Me:
The intro really doesn't sound great, not original, too generic.
The strumming bit is alright but not great
I like the riff starting at 24, it sounds cool but it's still not very original.
Same for the tapping at like bar 44. I like it though.
I do like the section starting at bar 59 though, sounds really nice
But I wasn't expecting it to end here, could've maybe dragged out this section a bit more with some variation. It sounded like it was building up.

Yeah I didn't really like this song apart from the last section really. Just wasn't very original.

Think you could take a look at mine? It's slightly similar to this, but it's an instrumental