New here, relatively old guy. Only been playing a few weeks on acoustic. Anyway, gas already hit. Problem... I'm a lefty and choices are few. Eying up an ebay item, ESP EC 400 that they say has spongy action on 1st fret. What does that mean? Is the fret bad, or neck warped? Its being sold by a music store which really makes me wonder. I mean they should have the skill to fix it if its a minor problem right?. I'm in no hurry to buy just yet, just a nice looking guitar that I could probably pick up cheap and being a lefty, I'm keeping an eye out for things that come up. BTW, great forum. I've spent HOURS on here trying to learn everything.
sounds like another way of saying high, springy, or i guess spongy.

i've seen it, used to explain action problems.

but you know. it's vague, and coming from a shop, and i'm not sure what the deal is there.

a little worrying, tbh.

edit: in looking for it now online.
some players seem to like a spongy feel. i guess, maybe they mean it to be a positive thing? i don't see how it could be, just tossing this out there.

to me, it just screams high. but you know, i suppose you could ask for clarification from seller.

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I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. You can have the store set it up to your preference anyway, good luck fellow lefty!
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well sponge usually is soft but springy.Maybe it means that it's easy to fret but has high action??
Thx guys. It maybe moot as the usual fleabayers have bid it up more than its worth to me. I really think its taken a major nose dive with the weird 1st fret and they also replaced the nut. Oh yeah, thx actofgod. Good site, gonna bookmark it.