Hey everyone

I just got a new Highway 1 Strat for Christmas and I put a vinyl sticker on it (Kid A's bear face thing, whatever you call it), but I decided it looked stupid today so I decided to take it off.

It was kind of hard, peeling it up was easy but it left residue so i used a combo of an eraser, some guitar polish, and Goo Gone (with some trepidation, it was fine) to get it off. Now however, there is the very faint image of the sticker left in the finish, like the area around where it was is more polished and the area underneath is a little dull.

Has anyone had experience removing stickers? Any idea how I can get rid of it or am i stuck with my mistake?
Actually, given the thin finish of the HWY1 series, you may have made a permanent imprint. I'm not 100% sure of this, but there's a good chance. Worst case, just polish the rest of your guitar with goo gone and see if that evens it all out.
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Just keep playing the guitar. Eventually your natural oils and all will cover over what was there. The Highway One is notorious for that.
So I just rub them on with a cloth and buff it out? Thanks. Can I get them at a hardware store/Walmart?
Holy crap you put a sticker on a $500+ guitar? o.O
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Don't worry, eventually your everyday wear/tear and play on it will make it all match up.
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Ah that's dissapointing, oh well thanks guys. Luckily it's where my arm rests so it'll eventually wear off, and you cant see it if im playing.
Never use Goo Gone on a guitar finish Goo Gone can craze/haze a finish it will melt plastic parts if it comes in contact with it.

I have bought guitars that had stickers on them and what happens is if it's on the guitar for a long period of time it actual protects the finish underneath from fading, from wearing etc. Sometimes the glue reacts with the finish and you get a stain. I never use anything but rubbing alcohol to remove glue residue, you have to give it a little more elbow grease but it doesn't effect the finish at all and it dries super fast.

You might luck out and it will eventually blend in.

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Just keep playing the guitar. Eventually your natural oils and all will cover over what was there. The Highway One is notorious for that.


over time those finishes gloss up. there is one on the wall at work that i swear has to be used because it's almost completely glossy. so this happens pretty quick if you play the thing.

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