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Im a inspiring singer. Been working at it. Music is my thing. My life. I just like to know how I can get involved with music more, with people. Most of my friends cant play or anything. The 3 that I know are in a band and rather have no one jam with them. I cant do the college chorus at my college(use to go to college) because im always working during those classes. They are in the AM and i work a 9-5 type of job. There are no vocal teachers here. My goal is to make a band. But all those musician finder sites just do not have anyone thats active in my area.Can some one help me?
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Learn to play a an instrument and go solo

acoustic guitar is always a favourite
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Quote by klutz182
acoustic guitar is always a favourite

Ukelele is a nice substitute if you don't have time to learn a whole guitar.
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put ads up in the college asking for musicians to jam with you...
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A good singer makes or breaks a band so if you are good then you will get taken up. There are loads of people who can hold a tune and wannabes so you need to be better than that.

You've got your own gear so you look as if you are serious and you have something to contribute. Good.

Use the time you are waiting to find the right people to improve your craft. Practice. Try to learn an instrument as any musical learning will improve your singing and increase what you have to offer.

Get used to performing in public, take advantage of open mic nights and even karaoke just to get noticed and to get used to singing in public.

Be flexible, be prepared to sing anything (almost) just so you can meet as many musicians as possible.

Finally nearly everything on this forum is nothing to do with music and everything to do with just living. In this case you need to learn to network, go to as much live music as possible and start talking to the bands, buy them a drink even, they won't need a singer but they will know other bands and musicians. Start hanging around the music shops and get talking to people especially those with practice rooms where you often get people jamming. You've got a PA and many bands need to borrow this stuff, meet people,talk to them and help them and something will open up.
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On youtube search stage presence. There is a great series of videos by expertvillage all about stage presence. This is so important for the front man.

Post some flyer's at that college, also if you have local guitar/musical instrument shops post some there too.

Record some samples and post on your myspace or youtube get some feedback.

Get your own amp and mic if you don't already.

Practice in front of people like join a church choir or go to karaoke bar regularly.
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You've got a nine-to-five job that's stopping you from taking classes, you say? Well, personally I changed my work drastically to be able to follow classes. It may not be easy to do that, but if music is your live, then your job obviously can at most come second place.

Maybe all you need is one morning off a week? Who knows your boss is willing to work something out with you? Make sure the courses you want to take are always taught the same slot every week, though. It would be a shame to go through hard negotiations at work to find out that next week you need another schedule change. I went even further, I quit my job altogether and took a less-paying job that fitted my classes.

Another thing, lots of bands need help carrying around and setting up their stuff. Ask if you can help, cheaply. I've read several times how a roadie who could play an instrument one day got asked to replace a rhythm guitarist with an acute chemical dependency or a drummer with a chronic case of being an asshole.
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Great replys guys! Sorry I didn't mention I play guitar and bass, but am not the best at that. Singing is my endevor. I been asking my friends and acquantances if they know any bands or people, or other singers, that I could jam with. As always, I got no for an answer.

Withakay, actually you are making some valid points! I might be able to get out of work early. But the catch is, i'd have to leave twice a week. Im okay with taking a day off a week, but not two.
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Try and get involved in your local scene. There might not be much of one where you live, but there has to be some local bands around. Go to shows and get to know some people that play in local bands.
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if you want to start a band, go around to local music stores and post flyers. go to local shows and meet people. if you know people in bands that are recording music, ask if you can appear as a guest vocalist on a track of theirs.
go to open mic performances and play. busk on the street if you can. if you have the time/money, take a few music classes at your school