So I recently quit my deathcore band, because I just wasn't happy with it anymore. And the member's weren't very committed. So now I'm off to join a new band, that plays like TDWP, and ADTR.
I'm wondering, should my 5150 be able to get something close? My goal would be something along the lines of August Burns Red (Messengers), and We Came As Romans (To Plant A Seed). I've tried a lot of possible combinations, but everything I try sounds loose and fizzy and blech (only word that came to mind).
Are there any OD pedals I could use to help tighten up my sound? And any way I can get rid of the fizzyness?
Also, if allowed or whatever, some possible setting ideas?

Thanks in advance.
This is our last chance.
EQ and an OD to dial out the fizz and tighten up the amp.
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