Holding a photograph of a man on the precipice of his last gasp over the flames of the old world. Shaking from the cold the pills won't allow me to acknowledge. Wondering who really led me here, the girl, the phantom, or my own shadow. If this is recovery then recovery doesn't cut it. A rebirth is in order.

A mutt, scarred and lonely, eyes me from the other side of the rusted fence. Am I a potential snack or a long lost friend? I could ask the same of him.

If you don't stop doing this to yourself I'm going to hang you from the tallest tree I can find.

This is where 18 years of wandering meets one week of increasingly poor decisions.
This is where love wasted and hate repressed lead the strong but not quite strong enough.
This is where I come to lie to myself.
This is where, eventually, I will lay by myself one last time.
This is all I've ever known.

Learn new things.

I'm so comfortable amongst ancients that the newness of a stranger is a poison I can't bleed out. I'm bleeding out.

Keep bleeding.

I'm hanging on by an aglet.

Let go.

A photograph falls from steadfast hands into redemptive flames. A lost boy closes his eyes firmly and awakes a man in search of everything.

This is where I stop asking "Why me?" and start screaming "Hear me!"
This is where I recognize past mistakes for what they are, past.
This is where I take a deep, clean breath and dive headfirst into the present.
This is the place you'll never find me struggling in again.
This is the time I get it right.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
very original, I applaud you for saying something said many times before in a way that entertained me in the way that only something fresh can!
That was good. Period.
Well okay, the "Keep bleeding" made me think of "I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love" but that's just me.
very origional and good word choices. "redemptive flames" was great.

Now Now children, no flaming.

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one day
these yu-gi-oh cards will pay off my mortgage
I really really liked it, there were a lot of vivid images in there that gave me a good picture of what you were trying to convey. "I'm so comfortable..." is excellent. C4C?