A quick search turned up nothing, so...

I want to record youtube videos of my stuff using my webcam and USB microphone. What are some programs that I can use that will allow me to record video through one input, and audio through another?

Thanks for the help.
Audacity is free and works fine.
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yeah for something that basic audacity would be fine, although I would use Adobe premier since it's working with video.
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My default webcam software doesn't have the option to record audio from another source than the built-in mic.

And yeah, audacity isn't really what I'm looking for... I have a solid audio recording setup already, it's just the video that I am having trouble with.

Adobe Premiere would be nice, but I'm looking for something free and small.

EDIT: Downloaded an update for the software, now I can record from two sources. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions
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