Sorta a hard rocky feel to it. C4C

With money you can buy a string and tie a knot,
But you ought to know that ain't a lot
'Cause a knot ain't worth a dime, just a fluke
If you ain't got nothin' to tie it to.
Do You?
Hold on tight, it's a helluva ride,
From the top to the bottom.
That suit n' tie ain't gonna get you nothin'
But a bloody lip Down Here.
I'll get a job when you get your face,
to hell with identity in the b'ness rat race.
How's the 9to5 been makin you feel?
Does it hurt to know it all ain't real?
Ain't real
Your life twists n' turns into a train wreck.
Perhaps next time you keep that ego in check?
Half-assed, lazy time, my kind of fun,
You'll be moanin',complainin' 'til your job is done.
Have fun.
Life down here ain't half as bad as it seems,
Lookin at the world through our crazy dreams.
This is the only place where it all feels true.
Goin' Down, How 'bout you?
Come and See how good I look!

You Stay Classy, Ultimate Guitar
It has a rebellious feel to it, with lines such as, "That suit n' tie ain't gonna get you nothin'
But a bloody lip Down Here". I see it having a more 70's punk feel to it, but maybe we just garnish different ideas and feelings based on what you've written.