we are a pop-rock band, influenced by Four Year Strong, There For Tomorrow & All Time Low, looking for a lead guitarist.

we live on the Northern Beaches, in Sydney, Australia.

our ideal guitarist would be an energetic performer, capable of playing some lead parts, mostly simple, and be able to strum at a decent speed.

age: 16 - 19
must own decent equiptment (guitar & amp)
and be able willing to travel around sydney and NSW.

if you are interested and want to hear what kinda music we are, head to fromherbreath

add us as a friend and message us if you are interested.

or leave a comment here.
Very interested, I'm an experienced guitarist/ song writer the only problem is I'm new to Sydney so I don't know my way around I live in the southern shire area how far is that to northern beaches? I don't mind traveling over an hour
16, 17 in march. I did a little re search last night and travel for me will be about an hour, so I dont mind
sick mayn. well, i am gonna need some idea of your playing/peforming. got any vids or something? otherwise u might have to come to chatswood for an audition. haha. if u dont mind. we can organise a different way to audition u if u dont want to travel at this point.
do u have facebook? add me if u do http://www.facebook.com/chazwazza003
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how about you send me some tabs to one of your songs, and then I can send you a video of me playing it and you can get an idea of my playing level, when you say preforming do you mean moving around on stage to make the performance more energetic?
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