people say that you can't really hear how u REALLY sound when u sing (such as tone deaf people who think they can sing but when others hear it, it sounds like someone's stabbing a cat)
if u sing into a mic, listen to myself through a speaker, am i able to hear what i really sound like?
i've also tried to record it on my phone but it sounds nothing like what i hear in my head or through the speakers. maybe phones aren't meant for recording stuff? i dunno.
id bet on the mic/speakers as the more accurate portrayal of ur real voice...usually phone recorders arent too good

and u hear a certain voice in ur head because what you personally hear as ur voice is distorted by the vibrations in ur skull making ur voice sound deeper to u than it really is
plug one ear with your finger, thats what you should do periodically while playing live when hitting a particularly high note to make sure youre on key
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Recording with a proper mic would be the best way. My voice usually sounds surprisingly deeper to me when I hear it recorded.
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^totally agree
I'd say invest in a decent microphone, it'll give you the best idea of how everyone else hears you
you don't even need to invest in an "entry level" Sennheiser or anything, I got a decent Behringer mic for about $50 and it's lasted me a good 2 years so far, and the quality's not too far off from a professional studio mic

basically anything that isn't a POS $5 mic from your local store will tell you what you sound like, but Behringer are a good brand if you're a poor student like me
Just record it. Singing through a mic and just listening to the speaker isn't ideal, as then you hear it, and you hear yourself singing, whereas if you record you just hear the recording, which should sound accurate.