i am currently in the progress of buying a new amp, i know i want a half stack and definitely a tube, i just wanted to know any suggestions for which one to get, i want one that can sound like ozzy and then switch to something like santana, i was thinking a line 6, the one i saw already has ozzy sound programmed in it, they have effects pre named for songs. EX: metallica- sandman or ozzy- crazytrain.
i also wanted a pedal for the amp so i could switch from clean to heavy quickly but idk if line 6 has those or if it comes with one.

also try the site in my signature, sorry for spamming it but i earn points and im trying to get money towards a double neck guitar. you earn points for rewards.
Try the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum.

Also, you don't need a halfstack and in general I recommend against Line 6.
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thanks and i know i dont NEED it one, i want one. i like to play at small parties sometimes

I doubt you have enough money for a worthwhile tube halfstack - and why the hell would you need one to play at parties?

You wouldn't need a tube halfstack to play in a decent sized auditorium, never mind a bloody house.
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