yeah on the lower notes you have a great timbre, but just push more "note" out and less breath and it'll sound great as far as i can tell.
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Yes, i used to sing like you, breathy and such because i wasn't real confident in my voice and sometimes thought that it sounded better.

I took singing lessons and learned to sing out, not breathy, and some people i know said it was way better than before.

Obviously you can sing however you want, but from my experience i would steer away from the singing breathy.
yeahh i kinda dont know how to sing out like people say, im watching a video right now by this eric arcenaux guy haha
practice plugging your nose while singing, or singing the song in a whiny annoying voice. This will kind of show you how its supposed to feel to sing out, then get that same feeling as you sing and it will allow you to sing out better.
Yes definatley. Keep the breathy option to add extra emotion to songs, but maybe don't use it as your regular 'gear' to sing in? A less breathy sound would make you sound more grounded and your voice would sound a lot more powerful. I think you have a good voice!