Hey, to start off, I've been a member of Ultimate-guitar for almost 8 years now. Unfortunately, I can't remember the username or password or the email I used. So, I had to start a new account. Just throwing out there that I'm not using the site just for the purpose of selling me gear. Now, to the guitar!

I'm looking to trade or sell my 77 Fender Mustang. I picked this up in a trade recently when the guitar was a mess. I have put in some time and money and now I'm looking to get rid of it and put the money toward bass, the instrument I actually play.

The neck is from 77 as dated on the serial number. The body is not the original but it is a body from late 70s. Pickups are dated to be 77 as well. The pots do not have serials which tell me they have been replaced. The tuners also look like they were upgraded in the 80s but they DO have the F tuners. There are a couple of dings on the back of the neck and some fret wear as would be expected on a guitar that is over 30 years old. It is worn the most around the 12th fret on the high E string. Local luthier said it doesn't need a fret job. I like the wear because it definitely gives the guitar that vintage feel and I felt that by replacing the frets it would seem like a newer reissue mustang, and that's not what I wanted.

Things that I replaced and I know are not original: the pickguard, control plate, pickup covers, and switches. They are all brand new. The guitar is missing a bridge because I did not realize the previous owner did routing underneath the tremolo to get the Gibson style tailpiece to fit. I have the tailpiece that was on the original body and it would be included on any trade/sale, as would the original sunburst body. It also has the original hard shell case. These guitars regularly go for up to $900 on ebay. I do however understand it needs a bridge and this isn't ebay, so I'm willing to work on the price for serious buyers. That is all the information on the guitar I can think of, any questions please ask. Also, as a side note, in the pictures I have included a picture of the back of the sunburst body. This picture was taken when the neck was on it and now the Mocha body is the body the neck is on. The picture of the two guitars side by side is to show the condition of the sunburst body and why I needed a new body. I can upload more pictures upon request.

Trades I'm looking for are Vintage Fender Basses. Pretty much any Fullerton/CBS era bass is going to be a yes. I'm interested in Japanese Fender basses and American basses. I would also be willing to let go of this guitar for the right bass rig. If you have something you think is about equal value send me an email, I might be wiling to trade down for the right gear. Make an offer. Lets make a deal!

Selling, I'm looking to get $750 shipped. Paypal preferred but I'm willing to work things out. Local pickup is cool too!
if your willing to sell the destroyed body ill buy it.
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well i got an MG
how ever much you seem reasonable. I get paid tomorrow so I can PayPal you.
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well i got an MG