Ok, here it goes. Me and my gf haven't met like 3 days and yesterday she comes to me and says "I've missed you so fu**in much. I couldn't bear it so i cut myself"

I'm like WTH, bitch!.........

And she showed me...BUT...

She cutted the area of flesh around her kidneys! NO SH!T!
I got totaly pissed and slammed the door in her face... I hope she doesnt kill herself or smth i can't be responsible for that crazy shit!

Should i apologize for smth or give her chance again. I don't want to be with someone who's so self-destructive.

But she's so cute
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    Maybe you should have gone to see her or.....well you know ask her to not harm herself.
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    It seems pretty obvious that you should talk to her. You know, what people in relationships typically do.

    If you want to post this on UG, I guess the relationship thread is the best place.