I have a laptop (running windows vista) and I was wondering what software would work for making music videos.
doesn't have to be like high quality stuff, just something I can use to make stu for youtube.
I do have windows movie maker and I haven't tried it out yet
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I also find notepad to be the best.

Shit's expensive, though.

You gotta really have the dream and drive before you throw the greenbacks down for that.
If only Windows could run Final Cut Pro. I switched to mac about a year ago and I haven't looked back.
LOL's were had at this thread for some reason.
I found this new program called "Command Prompt" is really great for changing the lighting and uses little resources when working with big files.

/overuse the joke
Woot! New Zealand...
yeah, well the big secret that the big bands dont want you to know, is that you can actually make a music video...

with a (The Game )camera

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Well, I got minesweeper the updated version.
So POW POW! --- from Step Brothers.
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