So i'm starting to get into standing up and playing with my amp cranked

however the problem i face is my LTD it seems very neck heavy i've been looking at a les paul for awhile now, (mainly epiphone standard or a LTD EC-256,

But what are they like to play standing up, it's more about neck heavy it's what i don't want i want the guitar to be able to sit up more in the air without me having to use my fretting hand to keep it there.

I'd go to my local shop and test it out but they don't have any les pauls in stock atm, only gibsons and i don't want to annoy them by having to go in and test out stuff i have no interest in buying
A Les Paul is a heavy guitar, but not at all too heavy to play standing up. Just look at all of the people who play them. Hell, some of them even do acrobatic things with them, so the weight is clearly manageable unless you are a munchkin.
i find it more important that a guitar is properly balanced than wether its heavy or not.
Les Pauls are heavy as hell, but well-balanced so you should have no problem.
I've played guitars that were light but tilted forward all the time, which is worse I think.
Also, an epihpone LP is way heavier than an ESP ec-256.
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