I am getting my electric guitar restringed and I want to know your opinions on which brand to use, if you can which gauge and its name. At the moment I am using Ernie Ball hybrid slinky's, but I am open to new suggestions.

I am not looking to spend more then £10. Thanks.
It would help a bit if you told us what guitar, what style you play and what you want to change about the hybrids.
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Strings are a very personal thing for guitar players. Much like picks, there are no 'best' strings. Which strings you like are up to you, the only way you'll really know is if you try our a whole bunch of different types.
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I ended up going for Ernie ball regular slinky's, the only others they had were rotosound, and I don't like them
I play metal so Hybrid Slinky's I can just about get to drop A to play All hope is gone album, Slipknot.
Just dont make the mistake of getting FLATwound strings if you don't play jazz.

I did that a while ago. I hadn't a clue what Flatwound meant or what they were for so I asked the music store MANAGER what they were like. These were his words:

"Ehh it doesn't matter, they're all the same."

Obviously he knew NOTHING about guitar strings or he was lying to get me to buy the more expensive flatwound strings. I couldn't even tune higher than C..... ****ing waste of money.

Dont make that mistake.
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I sometimes go for Elixir strings, aparantly they claim that their strings last up to 15x longer then regulaer stringers, they are pricey but really good.... Otherwise i would go for Hybrids, super slinkys or reg slinkys.... its just the players preference really

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I would have gone elixir but there £20 odd per pack + labour cos I cba to restring my own guitar would be about £28. Instead Ernie balls are £6.50
I had some Elixers for a while, and they were pretty good, but they sounded a bit tinny. I've tried GHS Boomers, but the Low E broke after a week of use (right at the trem, and there was blackness all around where it broke). I really like Ernie Balls, but the guy I take my guitars to uses D'Addarios. They sound good, but they haven't lasted that long on my Strat. I've been thinking of going back to Elixers on my ESP.

In the end, you can't go wrong with Ernie Ball. I love their .09's. The pink pack (extra slinky?)

On my Fender I use hybrid-ish strings. They're the ones from D'Addario... They're not as thick on the bottom end though (best for country imo).
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I've got the purple slinky's (0.011 - 0.48 or sum'n like that). Feel a bit thin to me but much better than the 10s n 9s.

I'm gonna smack some 14 or 15s on my strat once I get it back, for shits n giggles

Anyways, strings are like genres and fruits, everybody has their own preference, and the only way you'll find out which you like, is by trying em.
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