Help needed, I’m a relative beginner on the guitar and currently own an Adam black 0-5 which I paid about £170.

Now I feel I could and would improve if I spent some money and got myself a better acoustic.

A couple of pointers to help you help me.

1. I am looking for just an acoustic not electro (unless there is one in my price range/better deal).
2. I’m left handed (sorry).
3. I mainly play chords (strumming) but am looking at doing some finger picking. So what shape i.e. dread, jumbo?

My question is what sort of money should I be spending and which guitars.

Cheers in advance.
budget depends on what level of quality you're interested in. there are good guitars in every price range, although getting a quality all-solid guitar costs more than a quality solid top guitar. you can finger pick on any shape of guitar - the neck is much more of an issue than the guitar body. it can be harder to get your picking fingers between the strings of a guitar with a 1 11/16 nut.

i like the seagull original s6 and the seagull coastline grand for fingerpicking, but i also really like the taylor gc8 a lot more. of course, the seagulls here are like $400 a piece and the taylor gc8 is $2200. not amazingly, it does sound better than a lot of guitars. blueridge makes a few nice finger pickers, but not sure if they're available where you are. i've heard great things about the yamaha l series LL16, LS16 and LJ16 - all solid, 1 3/4 nut, englemann top and that great yamaha finish. or there's the gibson j-45, one of the nicest sounding guitars to me for both fingerpicking and strumming. i like the rosewood version and the mahogany version.

it really depends on you. there's no one guitar that's right for everybody nor is there one price range.