I'm in need of your advice, fellas.
There's an Ibanez SA260 lefty for sell. I'm looking for a second guitar with tremolo (for C# tunings etc).

What kind of finish is this? Never seen it before. I know they make FML (purple flame) for lefty's but this is something different.

I've head a lot of good things about the SA260 but how's the tremolo system?
This guitar is the pre-facelift model, it doesn't have the coil split.
It's from 2005 and has some dents and scratches.
Owner asks 420 USD but you can get a new one for about 470 USD (in Estonia).
He's willing to talk about the price.

How much should I pay for it?

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With that trem if you use it, it IS going to go out of tune. Those kind of trems suck. I have an SA 260 FM as well. Thats a really nice finish mine is the pupleish one.

I'd try and get some more money taken off of it too. Thats a lot of money for one used that long. Pm me if you want any more info.
the sellers just trying his luck so somebody who may not have a clue about its worth will buy it.

currant condition id say its worth $200 to $250 max but even maybe less
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