ive been playing metal for about 2 years, i am currently using a jackson rx10d that was £310, im am now looking into getting a much better guitar and some help

my main 2 interests are an rg prestige ibanez(not sure exactly which model) and a soloist jackson, both are a simular price and have simular reviews yet ive only tried the ibanez, can any one offer a suggestion?

p.s. please dont leave stupid messages like, dont a get a guitar if youve only been playing 2 years etc thx
personaly ide go for the jackson, but thats only cuz i have always wanted a soloist, one of my fave guitars. i play a jackson WRMG atm and i love it, the only thing ide change is to have a single coil in the middle for a little more varition.
in my humble opinion, and that is all it is, I have had the pleasure of playing both and would myself go with the Jackson soloist. Thats just my preference. I prefer the seymour duncan pups and the shape of the neck. Both top guitars though.
The big issue here is going to be the neck shape - Ibanez Prestige necks tend to be pretty flat, while Jacksons have a variable radius. This is definitely a try before you buy situation. I like Ibanez necks but I can definitely see why they're love-hate.

Since we're in GG&A, I have to ask - what don't you like about your current guitar? If you're changing the way it plays, then keep on looking for a guitar. If you want to change tone, I'd suggest a new amp first.
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Japanese RR1s and USA soloists have such damn comfortable necks. Go with the Soloist.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
i'd go for the Ibanez...but I'd definitely go play one first. The RG is a fairly thin neck. Some love it, some hate it.
For me, Ibanez. For you, who knows.

Get out there and play some guitars. The differences between an Ibanez neck and Jackson neck are so vast that you can't rely on online hearsay.
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Choosing guitars, a step by step guide

- Do not post 'what guitar do I buy' threads on forums. We cant tell you what youre going to like. We can maybe point you in the direction of some models if youre after very specific combinations of woods and hardware.

- Do not have any preconceved ideas of what models to get. They may not be right for you when you play/hear them. Be open to anything. You may be surprised by something that you previously didnt entertain as a possibility.

- Go to a guitar shop

- Play any guitar that seems like it can do the job and is the right sort of price.

- Inspect the guitars build quality meticulously

- Listen to the sound of the guitar unplugged (yes this goes for electrics); you cant change that later and its a huge part of how it sounds amped up. Youre looking for strong resonance through the wood and responsiveness and volume from lows to highs.

- Decide if you like the feel of it to play.

- When you have selected a guitar that meets your liking on all fronts, buy THAT GUITAR. Do not order the same model online as two guitars of the same model that come out of the factory on the same day are not the same guitar - manufacturing tollerances and variations in wood (yes, of the same species, and even from the same tree, even, in fact, right next to each other in the same tree) see to that.
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