All of the below were bought out of curiosity and I just don't need them.

Rocktron Big Crush Compressor (no box) - £25 posted
EHX Bass Blogger (missing a screw, has velcro rather than rubber feet) - £35 posted
Boss ODB3 - £45 posted
Boss PH3 - £45 posted
Ibanez Weeping Demon (missing a small piece of rubber, makes no difference though) - £55 posted
Danelectro Free Speech Talkbox (I'll clean it before I send) - trade only

All are functioning perfectly and are in good condition unless otherwise stated. I can have pics up if they'll help at all.

All are up for trades for other pedals, particularly a delay, looper, octaver, reverb. Specific pedals I'm after are an EHX Knockout Attack Equaliser or a Bassballs. I'm not interested in any distortion, overdrive or fuzz pedals unless they're genuine tube ones (such as the English Muff'n or Hot Tubes).

It's a longshot but you can have the lot for a Classic Vintage Squier.

Basically throw any trades you can think of at me and I'll just say yes or no Cheers for reading.
PM'ed about the rocktron comp.

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Whereabouts are you TS? i have a pedal your after (knockout EQ?)
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