Hey all, I am new here. My name is Martin.
Just looking for some advice really.

I am a bass player. Been playing for 3 maybe 4 years now, however, I have played around with acoustic guitars for a few years. I got for my 21st birthday a Dean Razorback. My first ever electric guitar and I have been struggling with the transition from acoustic to electric. I find that I am accidentally touching string on my electric while i'm playing and making some nasty noises. I am not the best player in the world as it is. I was wondering if there are any techniques or warm-ups and practices I could do to try and help combat my incompetence.

Thanks All
I'm assuming you are having these problems while you strum? It all depends on what you are playing, if you are playing stuff like metal then you need work on just down picking or trem picking on a single note. If you are doing more rock stuff with chords then you can try and mute the extra string with your fingers. My advice would be to play slower and try and keep your picking really tight.

If its your fingers hitting random strings then you just need to play slower and work on finger movement. I started on electric so when I moved to acoustic it was weird for me to adjust to hitting all the strings because I was just used to hitting powerchords.

What kind of music are you playing though?

Hope that helps

There are quite a few different techniques you can use to eliminate unwanted string noise.
The basic principle is: Don't try "not to hit" a note, make it IMPOSSIBLE for that note to ring out by muting it.
Usually this is done by a combination of picking hand and fretting hand muting.

For fretting hand, if you're playing a power chord for instance, just lay your index finger over the high strings very gently. (Probably hard to imagine, you may wanna check out some of the lesson guides here on UG)
As for left hand, it's the same principle as palm muting, just really muting the strings so they can't ring out.

I'd advise checking out some of the guides and videos here on UG and YouTube, also justinguitar.com is a good website that helped me in the beginning, great beginners course with lots of videos, all for free.

Hope I could somewhat help.
Rock on
Thanks for the replies. I will give the websites a go and see what I can find. I play a bit of everything really. I am more into metal such as Pantera, metallica, disturbed, slipknot. but when I play the acoustic I do a lot of finger picking style, songs like dust in the wind by kansas and nothing else matters.