Where can i buy a Pushon push off button for a Visual Sound pedal ?
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SpinTheGuitar.com recently did some work a NEW guitar body I had, as their website claims they can put any graphic you want on your guitar or do a vinyl wrap around the front of your guitar with your graphic. At the cost of 150, they claimed that they would wrap the guitar, and clear coat it and that the job would take two weeks. The body I provided to be used was a Brand new Alder body, with a nice shiny black finish! So what actually happened is after two and a half months of the run around and excuse after excuse, I received my guitar body back and the work was just terrible. The body had a dull finish and tacky in some places, the outline of the graphic had cracks all the way around, and the wood had a big dent in it right above the pick up! I brought to his attention and he had said "Oh yeah I had someone else do it, and I never even seen the guitar before it went out to you", he said he wanted to make it right but after many false promises of correcting it nothing has happened. i had a very bad experience with this guy, who appears to have no integrity and does not stand behind his work, as I have requested my money back to no avail, I have stated to him that he can purchase this body from me as I would definatly not be putting my 800 dollars worth of hardware on it, because basically it would be like putting 5000 dollar rims on an 1989 ford festiva! So use this guy at your own risk, but don't expect him to stand by his work or better yet don't expect him to do good work in the first place on your guitar!