I'm probably going to get absolutely roasted for this, but I LOVE the guitar tone in Rock DJ by Robbie Williams. There's nothing in the settings thread, does anyone know what amps/pedals were used, even the guitarist who played it?
Thanks aaronni, legend.

I was trying to find out who it was on google and all that came up for me were guitar tab sites and mp3 download sites.
No problem, gave me an excuse to listen to Robbie Williams, used to love him back in the day
I thought I was going to get flamed to hell just for asking, people who visit often question me when they listen to my playlists and it jumps from Dethklok or Children of Bodom to Robbie Williams, lol

A lot of his songs have really nice guitar tone too, especially live. The solos aren't complex, but the tone makes up for it.