Yes, i realize there are a million threads about this topic, but I just cant decide even though i read through all (or lots) of them.

What i need;
I have a fender classic player 50's guitar, that i consider is fairly good, and i want a amp to match this guitar (quality wise). I like to play/i like the sound of some dire straits, queen, rory gallagher but also guns n roses, stevie ray vaughan and aerosmith.

I want a amp around 15 watts, and i want a cheap one. Im a student you see
I was planning on buying a VOX vt15, since it seemed good and is 150€ now which is what i can afford. I guess i could give 200€ top, maybe a tiny bit more if its something good.

Anyway, what do you guys, that knows this shit, have to recommend?
Ive read similar threads and ive heard roland cubes? fender got something nice too, as ive heard? the ac4tv? or is the vt15 a good choice? or something else?
Im honestly not very into effects on the amp itself, i could buy some pedals later on, as long as i have a decent amp to use them with.

>Thanks in advance.
I think a Vox AC4 would suit you pretty well, however you would probably need a pedal to get Guns N Roses out of it. It should suit everything else fine.

I play a CP 50s strat through an AC4 and I've got similar tastes. It's a nice amp on its own and with a couple of pedals in front you get a lot more versatility.
yep, vt15 is a good choice, but AC4 is a better one if you are willing to get pedals later
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