I'm looking for a small tube amp, 60W or less (will PA it for show if needed) to play hard rock. I try to stay below 1000$.

I've tried the Traynor YCS50 and I really like it. This comment should probably be my answer

But I'd like to have other's opinion.
I say buy a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and a Tube Screamer.

You will not be disappoint
I play for the most hard rock, I also use a bit of clean. Fender? it has no distortion on it?

What do you thing of the ENGL Screamer?
Traynor YCV50 Blue = eargasm.

If you liked the YCS50 I think you'll like the YCV50.
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Traynor YCV50 Blue = eargasm.

If you liked the YCS50 I think you'll like the YCV50.

Yes, it seems to be a good amp as well. But I think it has less versatility than the YCS50. i.e. YCS50 has an effect mix control and a reverb control for each channel. Which the blue don't have. As well, YCS 50 has a resonance knob and few other buttons that might do an important difference.
Now, I found out that I could have a Marshall JCM2000 TSL 60 head (fully guaranteed but it's a demo (new) shipped from US to Canada) for approx the same price than a Traynor combo YCS50 (new in a store near where I live). It's about 850USD for each.

I play hard rock. I know it's a matter of personnal preference. But does anyone know enough of those two trades to say that I should jump on the Marshall rather than the Traynor, or the opposite maybe?
If you want to go the Marshall route, see if you can get a DSL instead. I've heard that tone-wise, they're better than their TSL counterparts.

You mentioned the ENGL Screamer. Those are pretty good for mid to high-ish gain as well and should get you the hard rock tone you're looking for.

If you like American high-gain I think you might also want to look into the Single Rectifier. You can get a 1x12 combo in the sub-$1000 range, and plenty of rockers are using those these days.

Could you mention some bands whose tones you like? That might help us to narrow down the gear for you a little more.
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I'd say that I would like to have sound range from Nickelback to Disturbed.
Just did a quick check online... Chad Kroeger uses Triple Rectifiers, while Dan Donegan uses Triple Rectifiers, Randall, Marshall and Bogner. I'd personally be inclined to get a Single Recto but it'll come down to personal taste. A JCM 2000 will sound vastly different from a Single Recto so if you can try before you buy, definitely do that.
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Dual and triple rectifier are 100w and 150W. That is very high. I found a used rect-o-verb below 900USD.
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The used Single Rectos/Rectoverbs will generally fall in that price range. Go for that Rectoverb since it's a good price and also since you get reverb, which may be a deciding factor.
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