Instead of the Bugera V55 I had been thinking about, I fell in love with the tone of the Blues Junior at Guitar Center yesterday. I've heard that the tweed model (with the Jenson speaker?) is much better than the original but also more expensive. If I buy a standard Blues Junior should I replace the speaker or tubes right away? I'll let the tone be my guide but I want to know the opinions of everyone here because you all seem so helpful

I play mostly ska, pop punk, and jazz through an Epiphone Les Paul. I have a distortion pedal handy if I need it.
You don't need to immediately. It's not a necessity; mines stock and it sounds good. A new speaker isn't really "better", it just is a different flavor of tone.
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You're sure gonna need an OD for pop punk. I played it and it just did a pop punk tone. But not the ''heavy'' pop punk tone but old Billi Joe tone.
Youll be fine for ska and jazz.
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