Ok, so in my quest to keep things simple in my rig, I've gone back to using an amp head instead of a seperate preamp/poweramp. Purchased Peavey 3120.

Love the head but have quickly found that it is pretty picky about speakers. I've got a nearly new Carvin 412VT loaded with Carvin's GT12 speakers which are supposed to be more v30 sounding. It worked well with my rack gear but with the 3120, it really brings out the highs and puts a harsh edge on the gain. Did not have this through a 6505 cab or even the crappy Windsor cab I initially tried it through.

Options are to either buy another cab or upgrade speakers. want something that will smooth off the highs and not break up as quickly (really at all, the amp has more than enough gain - don't need the speaker adding to it). Any ideas?
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First of all congrats on your new amp. I think you are the 3rd or 4th person on here that has one. My opinion is sell your cab as is and get a different one (used probably depending on budget). What is you budget, genres played, gigging environment, location, etc.?

If you don't NEED a 4x12 I'd suggest a nice 2x12 depending on the answers to the above. You can always mix the speakers up a bit too. Vintage 30 and something else for example. If you need a 4x12 run them in X pattern.

I have a Celestion G12H30 and Classic Lead 80. I recommend Avatar and Splawn cabs.