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By that I mean: If you are in a band, what instruments are included in it, how many people, what kind of music is it you would say is your specialty, are you in just a jam band or are you and your mates looking for something bigger, how often you jam etc.

For my band we have a drummer, two guitarists, a bassist(me), and a keyboardist that is the same guy as one of the guitarists (I'd say he is a much better keyboard player that guitar player). Well I would say we play a heavy music but, not too heavy, my personal style is kinda jazzy. It is kind of hard to pinpoint a style as whole when they don't want to play very often (this annoys me a lot because I want to play almost always, when we do play it is usually just me and the drummer ) and as far as seriousness we are not just in for the fun but, I wouldn't mind a singer coming on board maybe he/she would have more of a work ethic.

singer/rhythm guitar
lead guitar/backing vocals (me)
drums/backing vocals

we get together mostly every Sunday between 2-5, we get to our drummers house. Set up, play through a few songs, go play pool and go to local village shop for food. Come back to jam on anything that comes to mind and play some of our longer songs.

If we are rehersing for a gig, we'll draw up a set list, time it and just keep practicing it.

Sometimes someone comes in with a new idea, and we jam for a while on that to see what happens and it evolves into a song.

We all listen to different music, but the music we make is somewhere in the middle.

We usually try to do a gig every month as a minimum.
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no band for me wouldnt mind making one though
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singer/piano/rhythm guitar/ukelele (hahaha)
lead guitar
bass (me)
alto sax/soprano sax
tenor sax

we play pretty much anything that uses all our members. like brian setzer, chicago, and stuff like that. really odd for me considering i listen to metal...
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My band has: Lead vocal/rhythm guitar/keyboard (me), lead guitar/backup vocals, bass, and drums. We play lighter alternative rock (along the lines of Goo Goo Dolls). We used to practice every Friday for about 3 hours, but after our last show in November, the lead guitarist/backup vocalist has become a douche and we have not practiced in over 2 months. I'd like to get somewhere (I'm about the only one), but I still do it for fun so I'm not only interested in getting big (it's not a very realistic goal anyways). The lead guitarist/backup vocalist wants to move to Nashville and try to be a country artist next year.
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My band, Two Days In February
We're a duo.

Me - vocals, guitar, harmonica, ukelele (close in the future)
Him - bodhran, other percussion instuments, backing vocals.

We make lots of noise for two people.
I'm not currently in a band but my last one was composed of 2 lead guitarists (one being me), a vocalist/rhythm guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. If I had to choose, it would be this lineup again, as it's great for melodic metal which is what I mostly play.
Bassist/singer (me)
Drummer/recording backing vocals

we practice 2 times a week for 3 hours at a time with mabye a 5-10 minute break 1/2 way through. we are a gigging band and we play indie-punk/alternative music. we are looking to make a name for ourselves playing music, though i really do not care since music is my hobby not my job.
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Guitar/piano/vocals (me)

I guess you could call us indie, we're somewhere in between Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Editors I'd say. We're also seriously working on getting big, we want to do some recordings soon and start playing more and more gigs, we practice at least 1 time a week.
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Jake (Me) Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Guitar/Vocals
Jeremy Bass
Kenny Drums/Vocals

Hard Rock and Jam. Mostly Jam.

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singer/piano/rhythm guitar/ukelele (hahaha)
lead guitar
bass (me)
alto sax/soprano sax
tenor sax

Ska bands have the best shows.
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Ska bands have the best shows.

not ska. more big band style. stray cats and such
Ryan - drums (he doesn't own a drumkit and there isn't one at our practice space)
Corey - lead guitar (high 50% of the time, drunk 40%)
Dylan - "additional guitar" (due to his inability to play rythm or lead properly. Has declared himself singer; my polite attempts to talk him out of it fall on -tone- deaf ears)

Me- bass and keyboard

Don't expect to see us playing at Slane Castle or Oxegen any time soon
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Not really a band, but I just recorded with this crew and we're playing out a little bit.

Me: bass, vox, noise
Nick: guitar, banjo, mando, uke, vox
George: vox, guitar, banjo
Heidi: violin, vox
Jared: Drums, hand percussion

other instruments work their way in, but these are featured prominantly.
Doolittle - Bass, vocals
neidnarb11890 - Guitar, occasional shouting
SupFool - Drums

We've been playing together for almost three years now. We practiced like two or three times a week when we first formed, and gigged two or four times a month over the summer, but now that I'm at college we only practice like once a month and rarely play maybe a show every other month. I guess we're sort of an art punk band (think Television, Wire, Minutemen). We take our music seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We want to write and record great songs, and have people listen to them and love them, but we're not soliciting labels and playing big venues or anything like that.
Our Band: Escapism

1)David Smith- Lead Guitar
2)Michael McCardle- Rhythm GUitar, 2nd Trumpet, Keys
3)Kyle Lynch (Me)- Bass
4)Shanece Gransam- Drums
5)Anthony Bacci- 1st Trumpet
6)John LeBon- Trombone
7)Fabian Richmond- Sax (Tenor & Bari )
and we are still looking for a singer.

We play 4th wave ska. Now, before you get all "there is no 4th wave you jackass!" Let me explain. 3rd Wave is a lost cause. I'm sorry. The media has milked it for all it's worth and it's going nowhere fast. Thats were we come in. The young bands just starting out, who bring new hope to a desperate world yearning for a breakthrough in the Legendary genre that is Ska. Young bands that don't give a **** about what has been done before them,what has worked, and what hasn't. These fresh new faces, aren't afraid to manipulate the music, adding unique flair, without drifting to far away from the roots of ska. This is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the 4th wave of Ska. And baby, were gonna ride this sucker all the way to our graves.

We get together every other week, and are going to start preforming live soon.
a singer
two guitarists/backing vocals
a bass player/backing vocals
a drummer

i am one of the guitarists
I'm not in one at the moment, though me and a friend of mine have talked multiple times about starting an acoustic type project, which would be awesome, in which I could play bass, rhythm and keys. One of us would need to learn to sing though, which could take time.
Classic Rock/Blues

Keyboardist (sometimes, not always)
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Currently not in a band, but the last lineups were:

Single guitarist
Keyboardist (Moi)

The other band:

Guitarist I
Guitarist II (Me)

And my last band:

Guitarist (Myself)

My ideal lineup is a 6 piece, or a 5 piece (leaving out keyboard depending on the genre)
🙈 🙉 🙊
Guitarist (Me)
Other Guitarist

We play ska. We're kinda gigging, want to do more, but it's difficult enough to get the whole band free at one time. We try to do weekly practices, but lately that's been.... sporadic.
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My first band included...
friend- Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Me-Lead guitar, backing vocals
Best friend- bass
we played punk, with several decendants & anti-flag covers

My second, & best band was
one dude- vocals
Me-rhythm guitar & vocals
new best friend- lead guitar
other dude-bass
other friend-drums, some vocals

we were like a bluesy jazz deathcore thing. it was awesome!! but like half the band got too into drugs

I'm starting a new band now, in which i scream & do rhythm guitar. and we dont have a definate lineup yet
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My first band:
Bass/backing vocals (me)

We play mostly soft-rock, jam a lot.

Second band:
Guitar/Backing vocals
Keyboard/Backing vocals
Bass (still me)

At the moment we're a cover-band, playing mostly 80's-rock (Van Halen, Toto, Steely Dan).

And last (and least):
Guitar/backing vocals (me)

We make weird and simple songs for comedic value.
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For my deathcore band:
lead/rhythm guitarist
rhythm/lead guitarist

Doesn't really make sense, but that's what the other members wanted.

For my thrash/death band, we have the typical metal lineup:

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  • Jet City JCA100HDM w/ Avatar Contemporary 2x12 Cab
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  • Dunlop OG Crybaby Wah
  • MXR Smartgate
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not hated
Guitar/vocals - some dude
Guitar - me
Bass - some dude
Drums - other dude
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Melodic Death Metal

Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar (me)
Vocals (parted ways with the band this morning...)
Check out my band Disturbed
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singer/piano/rhythm guitar/ukelele (hahaha)
lead guitar
bass (me)
alto sax/soprano sax
tenor sax

just so yall know..... TENOR SAX FTW!!!!
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i dont gig, just record shit on my laptop so i gess
guitar, bass- me
drums - monkey machine
vocals - yeah right. i want my cat to live
Survivor of:
Maryland Deathfest X
Maryland Deathfest XI
Maryland Deathfest XII
Lead guitar/vocals (me)
Rhythm guitar
Keyboard/backing vocals

We're busy recording music (CLICK THE LINK IN MY SIG AND CHECK IT OUT), and we're hoping that once our demo is done we might be able to get a record deal. In the meantime, we've been playing gigs and stuff.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, we're sort of a mix of a bunch of different types of metal, including progressive, thrash, and power metal.
Me: 6,7 and soon 8 string guitar, backing vocals, auxiliary shit.
Then: Another guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and some new guy we're trying out who sings and plays some keys.
We play progressive funk-metal. I shit you not, we do it.
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in my old band it was
vox/rhythm guitar - gaz
lead guitar - sav
bass - mannu
drums - nick (me)

but i quit 'cus i was unhappy with the style of music.
jamming with some old friends next thursday though, should be quite sweet cus i got my new fender tele (usa) so i'm playing guitar and we are just gunna jam for a bit and mess around, should be fun
Lead Guitarist/Vocalist
(Screams or Growling vocals)

Rhythm Guitarist Vocalist (Backing)
(Plays any harmony parts)

2nd Rhythm Guitarist
(To fill in when me and the other guitarist are doing harmonies)

Lead Singer


Keyboard Player

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