Hi guys. I want to learn scales but i dont know how to start I play 2 years and im using drop C. Also i know nothing about theory ... I know its bad but i dont have much time (work). So.. if you guys can tell me how to do it it will be awsome (sorry for my bad eng)
Scales are the same no matter what you're tuning the notes are just in a different place. It might help to tune up to d standard while you get the hang of them.

You need to be more specific with your question
HI guys.
A guitar scale is basically a series of notes that follows a determined pattern within an octave. The scale pattern dictates the intervals between notes that are played. Now, there are tons of different guitar scales in guitar playing. Hence, GuitarPlayerWorld.com has dedicated one whole section of its lessons just to cover the different scales. In order to learn guitar scales more effectively, most of the guitar lessons in this section will have a "mini jam track" for you to practice and learn guitar scales. Be sure to download them and practice over them. This does wonders to your lead guitar playing.

Here is some good links for learning scales.

Good luck.
Thx GuitarMunky but this wiki site is not in my language and i cant understand it mostly ;(

doive Here is my question again (sorry for bad eng ;O)

I dont understand which scale fits another if theres something like that
I cant understand what root notes are
Start with root notes.

The root note is the note to which a scale resolves. To understand what resolving is think of a piece of music, now think of the ending few chords. The last chord often feels very "final" and makes the ending sound strong, that chord is the note chord to which the song resolves. In a scale it is a similar thing, just less easy to hear.

If you play these notes:

then you'll find it sounds "normal" to stop on the red root notes, but sounds "unfinished" to stop on the other notes.

Scales which fit a song are the scale of the song the key is in. If the song is in A minor , the A minor scale will fit, if it's in E major the Emajor scale will fit. It's no more complicated than that
I think i understand bit more now big thx man! Hmm maybe you know site with diagrams with scales and root notes ? Ill try to make some riffs with them and check out this theory "deeper"

oh and how do i recognize is song in C minor or A minor?
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Honestly, I recommend finding a teacher. It can be tough if you don't have time to study and practice, but you need both time and a structured study path to work on, and a place to check your understanding. Imagine if all along you thought you understood something, and later found out you'd done it all wrong.

There are different ways these days to learn the things you are after.
Quote by Yarkza

oh and how do i recognize is song in C minor or A minor?

Find the root note.

simple way to do it for most songs:
1) put song on
2) pick a string
3) go up the string playing each fret in turn
4) make a note of which ones sound "right"
5) do it at a few different points in the song,

the "right" note will probably be the key of the song. To test that try playing a scale starting on that note over the song - it should sound pretty normal