I'm planning to go get some musical books tommorrow.
I'll get a chord/scale vocabulary, and a beginner's jazz method.
Been playing for 2 years, self taught and I've got a songwriter's block lately. I hope some new chords will spice things up.

You're welcome to announce the best guitar books you've read so far.
Your opinion matters.
My dad has one called "Learn rock guitar today" that goes into the theory of most of rock's best songs, explaining what key they are in, etc, and how you can use that to write your own. Good stuff, shame I didn't use it when starting out, now I know everything it has to offer, but it would've helped loads.
I will, but first I have to know the basic chords and their inversions in and out to fully move out.
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It's not a guitar specific book, but the Real Book is great.

I was looking for this book, but couldn't remember the name... Thank you. Now I have to buy it...
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