My school is haveing a talent show and a friend an I are doing Avenged Sevenfolds Gunslinger on Acoustics. He is doing most of the cords and I am doing the slide and the solo. Well I want to write my own solo for the song using up the whole neck not just the one spot that Syn uses. Any advise were to start. Should I use a minor penatonic scale or could i use a 12 bar blues scale.?
Use both, and use other scales. Theres no rule that you have to stick to one. But yeah, minor pent/blues/minor would probably be a good place to start if its syn
My mind went to Gravemakers and Gunslingers by Coheed & Cambria lol But yeah, you could probably come up with something decent from the minor pentatonic scale.
id use the blues scale if youre doing it acoustic, the solo in tht song had a bluesy sound to it to begin with because of all the bends