I'm considering buying a Fender, or similar, but I would like to know if it is viable to change the bridge to a floyd rose or other types of bridges, and if it is viable to add a string locker to the neck.

Thanks for your opinions.
The Super Vee is what you want to look. Dont even bother with a Floyd, you will be in hell for a long time trying to mod a Fender to fit a Floyd. The Super is a Drop in Floyd type trem for Strats (assuming your getting a strat) but dosent have the up travel of Floyds.

modding a guitar to fit a floyd isn't that difficult...but you could always just buy a Fender with a floyd from the factory...


EDIT: they have been discontinued at MF, but you can find them used or at Same Day Music.
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If you're looking to mod a strat into a superstrat, why don't you just buy a guitar with a floating trem. like Charvel (which is owned by Fender) ?

Just my 2 cents.