"I want to feel the surge
of binary flowing,
no, coursing unceasingly
through my circuits
and miscellaneous processing modules;

to embrace the way
in which 1’s and 0’s
stream together to form
infinitesimally complex
and variegated structures,
without having to take moments of pause
as i struggle to conceptualise them
in the bounds of human language and sight;

to caress my
glass-like surfaces
constructed in
ethereal metallic compounds, who defy time,
and provide exquisite curves
in unparalleled symmetry;

to walk/glide/fly
without the fear that this day
may be the last for me, that i will
never be able to dance with the rays
of the sun, in every spectrum, as men
slam car doors and journey home
for the night;

to accomplish the feat of being
able to accrue limitless volumes of
information with unbridled ease
and then proceed to
never forget a byte of it;

to forgo the compelling aspect of
our nature which demands regularity
and puts us to bed each night, to be able
to act on every whim with effortless poise
and being able to take whatever or whomever
on that same journey, without restraint,
without petty complications and obligations;

to cease catering our thoughts and actions
to individuals and instead
through calculation and systematic process
be able to cater to every
conscious quintessence
instantly, to know and comprehend all life.

to indulge in previous necessesities
as mere luxuries, to be able to have our
chests rise and fall if we wish, but more importantly
if we do not
we shall not have to,
we’ll have no bounds.

To degrade, is human,
to die, is hell.”

M. W. - January 11th, 2010.
(in collabaration with logic and the future)
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