Hi I have a question.

As my username implies, I am from Ireland. I'm going to the US in March/April, and will probably pick up an american strat over there as they're a few hundred cheaper than over here. I'm just wondering, are the prices listed on the websites of sam ash, guitar center, etc. similar to the prices in the physical stores over there, or are the online prices a lot cheaper? Just wondering how much I'll have to budget, as I'll be buying at the end of my holiday.

And since I'll be on holidays over there, I won't have the leisure of buying from craigslist, ebay etc., it'll have to be store bought.

American strats are listed as being $999.99 - $1,049.99 on the guitar center website
In stores, there generally (regardless of country) priced up a bit for the store to actually make some decent profit, but i dunno, have to wait for a yank to reply i guess
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How much is it going to cost you to fly it back though? extra cases on flights are costly!
Also try not to get stung by taxes, they often will for something as big as a guitar
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How much is it going to cost you to fly it back though? extra cases on flights are costly!
Also try not to get stung by taxes, they often will for something as big as a guitar


But the prices are largely the same. You sometimes pay a bit more at a mom and pop guitar shop.
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for big name stores like guitar center the prices are the same, because they have a guarantee where they always have the lowest price, or they will give you 10% off if its not.
but if you go into the store, you can usually make a deal with them and negotiate, you have more of a chance with getting some money off of more expensive items though.
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The price in a big store like guitar center or sam ash will be the same as it is on their website. Just know that you'll have to pay sales tax, which varies by city and state and can be anywhere from 5% to 10%. I'm sure you can google (City) sales tax and find that information if you know where you'll be buying.
You can often end up paying less if you buy something expensive, or spend a bunch on a few different things. That varies by store, but it never hurts to ask.

Smaller, independent stores might have higher prices initially but also tend to be more open to lowering prices and typically have better selection and prices on used gear.
Guitar Center web prices are often higher than store prices. My last guitar was $300 less in-store, my Blackstar Stack was also $300 less. High-end pedals run $5–$20 less. And shopping in-store allows for bargaining with salespeople. I am not sure if all Guitar Center stores are like this because not many people seem to report the same pricing, so it might just be certain flagship stores (I go to a store in Manhattan that has the disadvantage of not being in either of the music dealer neighborhoods).