I've recently gotten into post rock and have been trying to write some of my own music in that genre. I want to be abled to write deep, complex songs like what explosions in the sky does. But whatever I write it always ends up sounding like a plain old rock song. Anyone have any sugestions?
any chance we could hear some of your stuff? that might help us with helping you out a bit.
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I tend to look for a little "hook", some little guitar thing that I can kind of base the song on, then just branch out from there. Use a little lick, repeat it a few times, then try to come up with some more chord progressions to go from that. Think of different ways to remix that original riff, creating some variations on it. That's what I find helps best anyways.

Also, listen to Ghosts and Vodka if you haven't, since they do the post-rock thing really well and the songs have a more punky kind of vibe.
i find its a good idea to work with a progression, possibly even just single notes that imply a progression to get the feel and direction of the song in your head. you can find the write progression from taking a hook or melody as said above if that works for you too. then find your hooks and lines and ins and outs and make sure its going somewhere or youre feeling a groove or the ambience of whats going on. Feedback, delay, distortion, reverb, volume are all your friends. youll feel the moments where youre playing with the feedback or a little quiet melody and you just need to stomp on that pedal and bang on your guitar till the neighbors call the police on you. Its also easier sometimes and often more fun to try it with friends too. i had a friend of mine playing drums and i was playing guitar a few days ago and the extra power and ideas always help get the juices flowing.

listening to some more post rock might inspire you too.

this will destroy you is good

heres a post rock band that i try to talk about when i can cause theyre not really known. theyre local to eastern ohio- youngstown akron area. i drove out to cleveland to see another band and they were one of the openers and they were good enough that i drove out again to see them play a little bar and they were amazing. I met some of them after the first show and they were really cool guys too. great music. check it out.
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