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We are a couple of people who is going to start a band, our first practice is on Saturday

Do you got any good tips for a new band?

We are going to start with playing some songs that is not very hard and we have chosen three to play on Saturday

But do you got any tips for us?

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For whom the bell tolls - Metallica
Black Night - Deep purple
The Trooper- Maiden

But we are going to concentrate on the first two
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Pretty much just go and play really. Just make an effort to learn the songs beforehand, and expect to sound really bad for the first few practices.

Have fun
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Don't get caught up in the whole "being in a band thing" and immediately try and market your band. Try and wait until you have something good going (relatively good sound, tightness with bandmates) before you start taking it really seriously.
Most importantly, have fun with it.
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Please don't try to be a certain kind of band. (Such as metal for example).

I've always felt as though you should write music, and not songs.
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If it's a cover band, all the members should already know the songs by the time practice comes along. If they haven't you are going to fail as a band. That includes you btw.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Now we have played it went really really well actually!
we played for 7 hours i think, and we started to write a song
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try a bit of jamming (blues or whatever else you want) to try to get to no how everyone plays