A friend and i have decided to build a pair of telecasters, (not building our own necks)
mine will be either hot rod red with two minibuckers or paf pups, a bigsby, t.o.m style bridge piece and a maple/maple neck.

from what i understand, my friend has decided to go with 80's metal green, black t.o.m string-thru and one pickup, black hardware, and the same neck.

the wood is two slabs of Australian Blue Gum, has a pinkish hue and seems rather dense and is very hard, when knocked or tapped it has quite a similar sound to Queensland maple. which, to my understanding is what maton have used for their electric guitars for a long, long time. here is a picture.

the green one will be mine,

here are the stencils were using, theres actually 2 there screwed together and one now has the neck pocket cut out.

pretty sure that's the exact template i have too lol xD

i'm cutting my template out today, i started off with a tele, but then i changed the lower horn for more access [not lengthways, but sort of outwards if you get me]
then i had to change everything else so it would work aesthetically =]

good luck to the both of you =]
I'll be following this one! love tele's
Goodluck =)
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I think I'm gonna follow this one too, I would love a tele with a bigsby.


xgregoryx: The First Act Sheena has a wedge-shaped cutaway, which really isn't very awesome for fret access.
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xgregoryx: The First Act Sheena has a wedge-shaped cutaway, which really isn't very awesome for fret access.

well mine actually doesn't go as far towards the bridge as a tele does, but it's a lot roomier
i find me tele a little cramped up there, but that's me

EDIT: googled the first act, and no, nothing like that =]
it looks liek a mattocaster
i hate that it looks so much like one, i hadn't intended it to, but that's what it looks most like
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okay, so a while since updates, but we cut the bodies the other day, iv'e used a file to get into the cutaway and above the neck joint, still needs alot of filing/sanding,
will be routing the edges/neck pocket/control and pickup cavity tomorrow, iv'e decided to take it in a tele deluxe direction keeping with the bigsby.

It looks like you've gone against the grain of the wood? Or is it just a deceptive figure?