Okay so i didn't build the whole case, i came a across a microphone case going cheap in my local music store, and decided i could retrofit a pedalboard into it, here's how.
started with an ordinary mic case:

removed the excess foam front the lid, which is now the base, and removed the feet from the base, which is now the removable lid, and added some wooden blocks to raise the board:

took a piece of particle board, cut to size, and drew my layout/drilled some holes. for cable ties to hold my pedals down:

cable ties:

comic relief - betty:

throw some paint on it, place pedals on top, run cable ties through holes and over parts of pedals, i drilled hole for the power supply cables aswell to make things a lite more tidy, have yet to attach electro harmonix nano small stone and mxr phase 90.

all my gigging leads for the board and amp are stored underneath the board which is easily removed. this has made my life so much easier.

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