I guess I would probably call it melodic rock with kind of a video game music sound (failkeys=trying to write snes-like parts). I wrote this trying to shift my focus from metal, but I'm afraid cheesy melodic death metal riffing has bled through somehow...

Anyways, my main influences were probably the final fantasy soundtracks, megaman game soundtracks, various jrock bands, Alexisonfire, Protomen, and some other music I've been listening these past few weeks

So uhh, listen to the song plox and drop any comments if you have time, and I'll try to get back to c4c requests asap!
In Between Gears.gp5
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Power death?
Post-death nin-core?

I don't see the Alexisonfire. Definitely has a Black Mages type of sound, given the synths.
Nevermind, that PHC breakdown at bar 79 is somewhat similar. Alexisonfire? Nah, probably not.
I do enjoy that it's not derivative of the genre, but I'm not sure about it being in a melodic death synth duel. Another listen and I'll tell you whats good.

Electro Quarterstaff. That name explains it all. Especially the main theme and NES synths.
Give them a listen and tell me you don't see a slight similarity.

The bar 79 breakdown works now that I think of this song in terms of an emotive battle song.
I'm pretty burnt from a blunt I had earlier today, so it might be a bunch of nonsense.
EDIT: My crit, not the song.
The song is great.
I was trying to go for an alexisonfire for the lead melody in the verses, but the drums, keys, and rhythm guitar kind of made it sound very In Flames-like to me. The phc bit wasn't in the right tempo, I don't think, so it sounded very awkward

Thanks for the crit though, and never thought of the song as NIN-like. They used to be my favorite band/ artist at one point though, so I might've subconsciously wrote their style or something. Also, Electro Quarterstaff sounds very grind-like from the one song I've heard from them, cool stuff
Cheers for the crit on mine

Crit as I listen
Intro: Nice feel, feels really powerful
Main Theme: The first 4 bars are alrightish, just a bit mediocre but I really like it still
Verse I: Could be better, just seems a bit boring compared to the previous bit
Bridge: Sounds real nice. The transition into the main theme is sick
Interlude: The keys' melody could be a bit more different, like it's just a bit boring, the guitars underneath sound good though. The drum fill into the Megaman bit is sick
Megaman: Sounds sick, but maybe just a bit generic.
???: Really like this bit, I like the chords and the rhythm and drums are just really good
When the main theme returns I think it should be a bit different, just a bit boring to hear it again.
Outro: It's fine, but I was hoping for a bit more of an epic finish.

Still, I love it, great feel. Just fix up a few bits that I mentioned. Nice one
I definitely hear the Final Fantasy. I love this kind of sound. It's right up my alley as my own band is melodic death metal with a ton of synth leads similar to this. It's really in-your-face and powerful. I ****ing love it! (Edit: Also found the track naming hilarious)
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