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I'm looking to set up a band which attempts to fuse Drum 'n' bass, Thrash and Stadium hard Rock (think Pendulum, Metallica and Nickelback (not in the mood for taste bashing so please don't)).

I have a guitarist, a bassist (myself) and drummer lined up ready to go.

I am looking for another guitarist but i have a couple of people that have said they might eb interested in doing it so that won't be too hard. I am also not going to have trouble finding a singer cause everyone in the band, apart from me, can pretty much sing and i know people that would be interested in doing it.

My main problem looks set to be finding a keyboard player. I am doing a music degree and there is a degree for people who are doing a degree in popular music so my problem is the people i have already asked either only play classical piano or are DJ's whose keyboard experience is limited to triggering samples without really playing the music as such.

My question in this long arsed introduction to this thread is what sort of player shoulsd i try and get to join the band: The Dubstep obessed sample expert, or the classically trained piano player?
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Neither, just keep searching for someone who fits the bill.
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Classical. Chances are he(or she) will be far far better at keyboard, and therefore if asked to play rock/metal keyboard, should be much better at it than a Dj type. (I've got the image of Rudess in my head, but maybe that's not really what you're thinking of, so I'll shut up now)
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One with a synthesizer and knows how to use one. Sure classical pianists can play, but do they know how to make a synth sound good? I really think you should try to find keyboard players that promote themselves being into pop or hell even some metal keyboardists could be what you need.

But I'm sorry I can't help you with your search. I didn't need to look because my band thought I was good enough. And I must say I haven't seen other like me around much. I suggest you look for one into electronic music that has videos on youtube of him playing or something.
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I'm a keyboardist, trained in classical and rocky stuff. That's what you really need, not a piano buff or someone who only knows how to play the middle c in a rhythm.
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if they're a skilled classical pianist then I imagine that they'd find adapting over to be ridiculously easy. Its like asking a classical/jazz guitarist who uses 50 different scales and chords in their playing whether they can cover the guitar part in Highway to Hell. Generally speaking, rock music isn't complex, at all. A lot of songs are just 4-5 chords and maybe some licks based off a minor pentatonic scale
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rudess was classically trained, and my piano classes are always geared toward older symphonies, so i say classical

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Addition to previous post.

GBet som eprogramming software and program some keyboards and drums in there, and record some guitars. This way you have a demo to show the keyboard players you know what it is about. They might like it and say yes.

And people, Rudess was not only clasically trained, he was also a prodigy. Please do not compare the OP's wanted keyboardist with him as an argument, because it's two entirely different leagues.
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but it depends what you want the keyboard for. for keyboarding, get someone who knows the keys. for noisemaking, get someone who knows how to make noise.
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Piano and keys are the same thing, and saying they're not is like saying an acoustic guitar isn't at all related to electric guitar...the skills on piano translate 100% to keys, it's just a matter of how educated this piano player is on w/e style you want them to play in.