I submitted a contribution, but forgot to add a detail to it, which has resulted in a low rating from another user.
See, I forgot to mention that the chords I submitted were deciphered from listening to the piano version, not the main version, but forgot to mention that.
So I was wondering if there is any way in editing your contributions?
My profile>My Contribution>Tabs "tab">U! button to the right of the tab to update.
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Is this option gone? I neither see an "edit" nor "update" nor "U!" button...
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Is this option gone? I neither see an "edit" nor "update" nor "U!" button...
See your name in the upper right hand corner? See Profile underneath that? Click on that.
On the left hand side, there should be a list. Click on My Contributions.
From there you should see the Tabs tab. Click on that.
Find the tab you want to update and look to the far right. That's where you'll see the

Unless you're looking to update your review or something else. In which case, you can't.
^ Did... you even read my comment directly above yours?

I can post pictures if you need me to, but I mean... my directions are pretty straight forward.
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This is for the mods - There are a couple of comments which I submitted after having my tab/chord accepted, they don't really need to be there apart from the last one which is a correction. Is there any way I can remove my own comments from any of my tabs?
The comments on that tab have been deleted, including your correction so you'll have to post that again
the system for deleting comments on tabs is not great so that's the best I could do
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Hydra, thanks - I have gone back to my contributions and made the small correction on my tab, and resubmitted it, I'm happy with it now, but would it have to be voted on selection again?