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me and our singer have started a side project band that our bassist/drummer is interested in as well (this may become a full time thing). we're going all acoustic and have 5 new cover songs under our belt. we've also started work on two originals. we figure this should be enough to fill any gig we'd be getting with no experience or reputation as an acoustic act (besides playing school events in past years which doesnt really count)

now, we're all only 18. our singer's guitar teacher is Kevin Ramessar (look him up if you dont know him) so he's picked up alot of that finger picking acoustic/classical style and is damn good at it. we incorporate it into our originals, but our covers are Paramore, Hoobastank, Foo Fighters, Silverstein, and Jars of Clay.

now my questions are:

1. since we live in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. what places should we try to book shows at? (any suggestions welcome, no matter how broad)
2. how would we go about actually scoring gigs without having played any acoustic shows yet nor having the means to record well enough? (rock band mic and Reaper is best we have. we're broke)
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try to get in touch with a local promoter. since you don't have any recordings you could always offer to see the promoter when you both have some free time and play a few songs for him / her. as well as that you could ask around and see if anyone would be willing to let you record using their equipment, whether it's a decent computer program or a 'proper' recording device.

if you can get that done, myspace is your friend. i once scored a few interstate gigs just because one of my friends added a guy who was in a similar band, and they started talking. so add any similar bands in your area and send them a short message asking if they can keep you in mind for any support acts they might need.

as for venues in your area, just use google. you could most likely find a few just by typing in your town or some surrounding towns, with the words 'concert venue' or 'gig venue.'

finally, i'd recommend trying to record your show somehow, whether it be on video or just audio. give a cd or dvd to any other venues shops, bars, anywhere that you might be able to play.

good luck.
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