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Hey, guys.

I was wondering what indie labels to send my bands Demo to. We're a melodic/death/thrash band, and we are working on a press kit and demo to send to the labels. So far I've got on my list to send them to are:

Victory Metal
Metal Blade
Nuclear Blast
Century Media
Strike First
Solid State

I know it looks like a lot, but more would be awesome. If you guys have any ideas, that would help immensely. Thanks.
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sancrosanct is a smaller label but there are a few good bands on it. my last band played with a lot of them

edit : also a lot of the labels you have up there are fairly large and support national touring bands, it would be quite difficult to get signed onto those with just a demo. A lot of the bands signed to them have released independently before an A&R guy checked them out live. Not saying your band can't or hasnt done that though
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how many gigs have you played? what is your fanbase like? is this your first demo?
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Nuclear Blast? You're going to need at least an EP to get on something like that.
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Not to be a debbie downer, but that is a pretty tough list to get on. The only one you would possibly have a shot at with just a demo is Epitaph imo, just because they are more vintage with how they find bands. I know they have taken a pop band or two from my state before they got really big nationally and turned them into really successful bands.

But most of those labels are looking for bands that are fully groomed already, meaning they have at least one professional release and already pretty much have their image figured out. Basically, they want very little risk in signing a band. Having just a demo is a big risk. You are on the right track having a nice myspace and everything, that is what those labels are really into.

By the way, I checked you guys out on myspace. Do you have a contact at Vaudeville Mews? My band (myspace.com/torobathief) has been looking to play there or anywhere in Des Moines or farther north in Iowa and haven't had much luck.
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You know if these demos are not solicited, even for smaller labels, that they will be out-right rejected. Unless of course you have a lawyer or managment representing and negotiating solicitation, you have to understand, labels cant even open these demos becuase if they do- and another band comes along with a song or songs that sound simaliar to the ones on your tape, they fear you suing them. You have to kind of get approached or send your tapes to some really lo-fi people or people that work garage style and actually are willing to listen to your tapes.
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Also try Lifeforce Records. Even though they are a German label, they accept US demos. They released the first Trivium album and have some good metal bands signed (like Deadlock)
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Thanks a ton dudes, I appreciate the responses. Yeah, this is our first EP and we play regularly in and around our state, but we haven't played any out-of-state shows yet. We play about 3-4 times a month, and we have out first show with a National act in March, with Misery Index.

CODE, I can set-up shows at the Vaudeville and the House Of Bricks. Get to me over the band myspace or PM me here.