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Real Name: Dylan Thomas Doyle Debelis

Age: 19 (20 on may 22nd, get me a damn gift my minions)

permanent address- Portland, Oregon
current address- Yonkers, New York
address over the summer- Reykjavik, Iceland

Favorite Artists:
-the mountain goats (everything good I’ve done in the last three years is probably a subconscious plagiarism of something I’ve heard or seen John Darnielle do at some point. He is the best lyricist of our generation.
-Bright Eyes (yes, I can’t believe I still list this as one of my favorite artists either)
-Sage Francis (took spoken word into the mainstream, beautiful writer, what Bukowski would have done if he had any rhythm)
-Aesop Rock (Holy Smokes)
-Chris Knox (please buy this album if you have any free change that you aren’t using to buy my album which I will plug shortly and repeatedly: http://www.chrisknox.co.nz/ . At the very least read this man’s story and listen to his music. Beautiful.)
-the killers (don’t know why, but I am intimately drawn to them, especially sawdust)
-Amanda Palmer (revolutionized indie piano, what I strive to do everytime I sit down next to a keyboard, unadulterated emotion with a playful edge and stinging commentary. Awesome.)
-Boy and Gabriel (oh, did I mention this is my new band and that we have a new album that you can purchase here: http://boyandgabriel.bandcamp.com/ )

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically):
-John Darnielle. Case and point: California song. Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUy7Gt_Mpk8
Can’t get enough of this shit.
-Drake (shoot me dead but I like this man’s flow. I am only half kidding)
-The millions of others I constantly steal from consciously or subconsciously. Love you all.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer):
-lets hit up the usual suspects- Frost, Burns, Cummings, Plath, Dickinson, Yeats, Blake, and all the rest
-My poetry professor last year: Dennis Nurske. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Nurkse
Do yourselves a favor and seek this man out.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be:
Peter the Great. He wrote millions and millions of laws that never came to fruition but got read by thousands. He essentially created a decree a day for his entire reign. He is the most prolific and powerful writer to ever live.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be:
Sexyberry. http://twitter.com/SexyBerry232 . No, I do not know this fine lady. Yes to every other subsequent question.

Why Do You Write:
Let me tell you all a story. One night I was watching a comedic movie with a girl I knew very poorly. Her roommates had left us alone. It was dark and she was pulling my hands in all sorts of directions, hungry for blood. I could have done anything I wanted to with her body and I could have done anything I wanted to with her mind. I could lift her up to the heights of ecstasy or break her spirit dead. All with a few movements of my hand and a few moments of my hand I could change a life. The world felt brittle. I felt like if I moved my arm too hard it would fall off and tear the bed down which would tear the walls down which would tear the building down which would burn the world down. It was so amazing and terrifying. Writing is the same thing. Its not reflection, it is the most devastating action anyone can take.

Favourite word(s):
This is from Barbara, a woman I read on a blog where people make cases on their favorite words. I think she highlights everything I want to say:
It’s so simple, so common, so useful. And yet if you just let the sound sink into your mind, you can invest it with so much imaginary meaning. Frommm, the sound a warm cat makes. Have a glass of From, a wicked Nordic eggnog. Let’s go fromming together – a kind of light-hearted, skipping, joyful walk. A from is also an old fashioned lacy decoration around the outside of a doily. Can you think of any more?
South Africa”

Also: safe, froth, sea, foam, Boy, Gabriel (did I mention my band Boy and Gabriel has a new album that you can download FREE here: http://boyandgabriel.bandcamp.com/ )

Favorite technique/style to write in:
Free verse. Stanzaic. Prose. Villanelle. Erotica. Sitting in a hotel room with a payperview porn video blasting in the background while I wail on my guitar and vocal chords and record the most beautifully haunting moaning veiny songs that will ever never be heard again.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG:
Every time a new WOTM is crowned I read the next two sections intently, always looking for my name. so
-#1 synth.
-Saadia (I’m reminding myself right here to send you a pm)
-if I missed you and enjoy you I’m sorry I missed you.

Most Helpful Critic:
-Carmel (knows more about the formal craft of poetry than anyone else on this forum)
-Matt when he finds it necessary to tear into you because he’s generally always right

What do you do especially, to find inspiration:
I have a pretty excellent life but have a thousand disorders that make no sense. Inspiration comes to me in remembering the knife I held to my throat over the summer while living in a public park or imagining how I kissed the thighs of my first love and how I could kiss them now. In everything there is life and death simultaneous and therefore in everything there has to be terror and ineffable joy and so in everything there’s god and so in everything there’s beauty.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It:
I wrote a song about a baby mountain goat running through Iceland. Its about the moment when you’re snowed in and your eyes are mist but you see that colored light splashed on the ground that’s slightly brighter than your surroundings and you follow it until you can’t walk anymore and then, even though you haven’t found anything you can finally sleep without tossing and turning and thinking about whats going to become of everything. I’ll post it when I get home. At the computer lab now.

Tips for Newer Writers:
Listen, download, pay for, my album, right now. http://boyandgabriel.bandcamp.com/

Add me on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#/dylan.doyle?ref=profile

Keep track of my progress in the world of writing and music as well as you can. Regardless of where I am now or how much you may dislike what I create, this boy and his pen and and his angel and his poorly played guitar are going places baby!

Oh, and don’t give up ever. Your life and death both deserve to go up in writing and your life and death both deserve to go up in flame so make it ****ing happen. Nothing is ever given out.

What’s your goal in writing:
I want to show them the joy in my voice. I want to show them the pain in my lungs. I want to show them that I know I’m living, I know I’m blessed to be living, and that they need to love me because I’m able to see that. My goal isn’t enviable, nor is it based on monetary ideas or to be published or anything like that anymore. I just want to be heard.

Final Comments or Thoughts:
Listen, download, pay for, my album, right now. http://boyandgabriel.bandcamp.com/

I love you all. So surprising to be WotM this month, so grateful. Stay safe. If you are in the New York area anytime within the next four months send me a PM and lets knock back some brew.

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Congrats, ya cheeky bitch!

Also, your picture didn't work. Feel free to re-link here and I'll add it for you.
congratulations. nice questionnaire by the way. Your ambition in writing is inspirational. I grab onto the things you say about it.
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
5am. no longer drunk. up all night and dressed to sleep. this night of love and loss I will keep as long as my memory will allow.

thank you all so much for this honor. I cannot stress this enough. thank you. sleep well S&L.
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I'll be honest, I love you 4000 times for being a Sage fan.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching


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Congrats! I wanna sig your answer to the inspiration question but theres probly not enough room. And I dont wanna cut anything out or itll lose its poeticness.
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