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I'm having a problem getting my band members to focus on our band.

At rehearsal usually what happens is that we play a couple songs the it goes into chaos. I try to get our guitarist and drummer to work on stuff, but the drummer plays when I'm talking and I can never be heard. Then it turns into the guitarist playing something in one corner, the drummer playing something else, and me trying to get them to play. The bassist is the only one who listens.

Also, we have our first gig in May. The bassist told me that he got it for us, so immediately I went and wrote down like 30 songs that we could play for it and I figured out the equipment we need and everything. The other guys haven't done anything, and they really don't seem dedicated to our band.

It seems like I'm the only one who writes songs for the band too. Our guitarist writes music, but it's never for the band, it's always for his "solo" music. The drummer doesn't write anything, and I don't think the bassist knows how.

Does anyone have any tips on the situation?
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be the alfa male or give the famous Archie slap

on a serious note: explain the problem to them, see what they say,

but don't come off like a control freak
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hook up a p.a and yell into the mic when u need to get everyone on the same page
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Set a goal that every member of the band will want to work for. A local battle of the bands? A big gig?

If it just WON'T work, it may be time to move on or replace someone.
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What was the last thing the drummer said before being fired from the band?
Hey, lets try one of my songs....

but seriously, sit the band down without instruments and talk it over, it maybe time for a lineup change if their dedication levels does not match yours. Also, set up rehersal goals. It will allow everyone to remain much more focused.
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Yeah, pretty standard story bro. I bet they all talk about the band and how they want to tour the world and shit. Then when it comes down to it, they can't even play a song. I quit my band because of that, then I started a new one www.myspace.com/wecanbedangerousau. imo, get better as an individual and you will attract better members. I remember when I sucked, I always wanted to get people who were better than me thinking it'd make our band better. You band is only as strong as your weakest member.
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first question I always ask is "are you still in high school" lol. I hate to say it but when your younger its really hard to find dedicated mature people that want to make music together. I had the same problems when I was 16-18, just in and out of bands because nobody was serious about anything. Its only now when I'm going on 20 that I finally found people that are mature and dedicated enough to work together to play shows.

But just sit your band members down and just say straight up "I don't think you guys are taking this band seriously enough. I want to have fun and goof off now and then just as much as the next guy, but we never get anything done and we got a show coming up in a couple months we need to get ready for."

If they have a problem with that, kick'em or leave.
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Thanks everyone. Oh and yeah I am in high school.
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