I'm wondering if multi-effect pedals are easy to use, and which to get.

At the moment, I'm looking for the Oasis sound, and the simple and flexible solution to effects in my unexperienced eyes, is the multi-effect pedal.

I'm looking at my shops website right now, and theres a selection of multi pedals, all Zoom.

Zoom G1XN @ €82.50
Zoom.G2.1U @ €160
Zoom A2.1U @ €166

and thats all I'm willing to spend.

Anybody have any advice on them?
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^ The PodXT/X3 Live is fantastic.
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I havent used any of them
but i currently own a Boss Me-50 Multi Effects Peal and it has done me wonders
got it for £100 also, good deal for such a wonderful thing, i suggest that
I have a zoom b2 (bass versions of the g2) and its easy enough to use as long as you dont think you will be editing too much.

In term of easy multi effects the boss me-50 is the easiest by far as its set out like pedals.

If your going for an oasis sound then cant imagine you'll need loads of effects. Just a tube amp (or modelling a marshall) a humbucker guitar and a decent overdrive (read that Noel uses a Hotcake).

hope this helps.
There are some very good multi-effects units out there, but you'll have to shell out some more cash in order to get one. Line 6 has a few: the PDO-XT, the POD-XT and the M13 among them. Vox makes the Tone Lab series, and those sound very good.

Some people don't like multi-effects units at all, but they've come a long way in the last 20 years and they definitely make your life easier on stage.
Oasis don't really have 'sound', certainly nothing that multifx would reproduce well.

Just get a humbucker guitar and a british voiced valve amp (Orange, Vox or Laney ideally), that'll get you a near perfect Oasis tone. You can get the Laney VC15 for about £250, and that'd sound fantastic. Trust me, saving up is well worth it.